SN95 Caliper/Rotor swap...


Can I swap calipers/rotors from a 2002 V6 Mustang to a 1998 V6 Mustang? Did technology/size change on the newer ones?


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Looking at the parts available for either year model on shows that for the motorcraft parts, the part numbers are the same. So I would take that as a yes...


Sam36, thanks for the reply and for checking at RockAuto (I should have done that). Reason I posted my question, because I read somewhere that the calipers changed (improvements) on the later "new edge" models, and I didn't want to do the swap if something wasn't going to work correctly.

Thanks, appreciate your efforts!


99-04 front calipers are direct swap for 96-98 mustang spindles, use the 9-04 brake soft lines as the mounting bolt changed thread pattern somewhere in the years.
You may need to use the 99+ master cylinder, can't remember size differences right off hand.
Rears are all the same 94-04 minus the cobra rear.