So now that it's been a couple months


How do you like the new forum layout?

I personally like it now and Im glad the change was made. A couple other forums Im on have made the move to this style and its working out for the better for them too.

I actually cant even remember how the old forums looked.


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I'm glad we changed it up as well. It was obvious the 3.8 was out the door and the site was slowly dying. Hopefully we'll see an increase in traffic soon and I like you don't remember what the old forum looked like.


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Sometimes I still end up clicking thread titles instead of the "Last Page" button and it's annoying. Other than that, all good.


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I like it. What have the stats looked like since the change? Particularly in the non-OT sections.


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My only complaint is the ads that show up in some member's posts. If that person posts a picture and an ad appears then i can't see half the picture.


No idea what ads you are talking about.

I surf here with my quad core win7 desktop, my old pos Dell laptop with xp sp3, my hero, and my iPod 4g.

What ads?


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My only complaint is that the footer navigation bar still randomly appears on the page, out of place, about 75% of the time.


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I'm a creature of "function" not really "appearance", so it makes no real impact on me (as long as the appearance doesn't detract from the function). If the refresh helps to contribute to keeping the site going, and it seems to be, then I'm good with it.


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I've only seen it on IE. Our network people get their panties in a bunch I we use anything other than IE at work.

Happens to me on Chrome every once in a while. Not even close to 75% of the time though... I'd say maybe 2-3%


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Now that I'm used to everything its great. Looks much better...

This. It just took some getting used to and tweaking by Kup and Nick.

Another board I frequent made the change but didn't do any tweaking and it sucks.


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I've mostly forgotten that it even changed.

My only issue is that occasionally when I select 'reply' at the bottom of a post, after typing my reply, I will click the 'reply to thread' button in the lower left and wipe out what I just wrote. The darker colored button stands out more prominently and that's what I click. lol