SoCal: Last minute SOLD OUT Wango Tango Tickets


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2 friends flaked on me and now i'm stuck with 2 extra tickets. i payed 200 a ticket. willing to sell both for 250. it will be at the verizon ampitheater in irvine seats are next to each other. they are orchestra 3 seats. a few rows behind the pit area. great seats. comes with vip parking and vip lounge passes. i believe there is a designated area for certain vip guests. bar, bathrooms and stuff like that.


Kanye West

Mary J Blige

Daddy Yankee



natasha bedingfield

baby bash

ray j

nick cannon

get these cheap. pm me by noon.

if i don't sell here i'll sell at the event so no lowballing please.
don't miss it.


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over 30,000 people would dissagree with you, to each his own. i'm sure i like the music you listen to anyway. i like to keep my options open.


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you should have posted this earlier I would have bought them...but I got the De La Hoya vs Mayorga fight