Split Port, Windstar Intake, Injector Swap, Swap MAF?

I did a split port head swap, along with a windstar intake and 21# injectors. I'm trying to tune part/wide open throttle using SCT Advantage but I'm having issues with it adjustments to the MAF transfer function not affecting AFR at all. When you guys do this swap, do you also use a windstar or 99+ MAF sensor and housing?


There are not many people that have done the 4.2 intake.I saw a wright up 10 years ago. I put one on my 99 and used the factory Maf and an aftermarket 4.2 cold air intake. It was tuned by vmp tuning.com. The Windstar intake is kinda famous here. If you do not want a hole in your hood get a cobra racing hood. I am not sure if the 4.2 Maf makes a difference.
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