Stang officially sold........


Best Of The Best
1998 140k

new kumho ecstas last year
true duals
2004 gt wheels
brand new headlights still in the box
new plugs wire still in their boxes
steeda tri ax
redline goods ****/brake boots
35% tint
-all stock parts

Dad, "you don't even want to think about it, right?"

me, "nope."

dad, "so what are your plans for it?"

me, "dunno. im working weekends b/c of a couple projects so it could be a while before i get down there to clean it up."

dad, "looking for someone to take it off your hands?"

me, "you?"

dad, "yeah. how much?"

me, "$1,500"

dad, "i was thinking 2 grand. so how about $1,800?"

me, "1,700."

him, "deal"

feels good man.

he's gonna clean the **** out it, and im gonna take some pics before he sells it. the old man is a freakin busy bee so i knew it would come to this if i stored it down at his house. the guy has a two week break between his evening jobs (ref high skoo b-ball -----> ump high skoo baseball), and has to have something to do.

i had to get it out of my apartment complex just b/c i didn't want it sitting here. the pops is only 30 miles away so it was a good idea to keep it there. he has a workshop so it's not in the way. i hope he gets 3k for it. he said something along the lines of, " i figure i'm gonna have 2k in it with my time. if i come out making more than 500 off it after it's gone, i'll split the extra with you." i told him i wouldn't take it.