Start Button

Anyone know if this is normal. Today driving down the highway at 70 mph my wife accidentally hit the start button while reaching for something and the car shut off. This doesn't seem like anything normal. Bad location for the start button in the 1st place. Thanks for any input.


That doesn't sound right. To stop the engine like that, the button is supposed to be held in for a few seconds, not just hit is and have it stop. I've accidently hit mine before and it didn't shut it down. Might want to check with your Ford dealer.


It's not uncommon for this to happen in many cars models. I suppose there are times when you might want to be able to kill the motor even if it's moving. Placement may be key though.


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One of my cars has one, and I can press it all day, and it won't shut the motor
down till I get to under 5 MPH. Guess these are not programmed the same...