Supercoupe swap parts


Mustang Supercoupe
I have a bunch of parts for a Supercoupe swap for sale. I don't have everything but I do have a good portion of the parts needed.

The parts I have include

Lower Intake
Thermostat housing
jackshaft bracket
PS pump bracket (EDIT:the bracket and pump in the pic are Mustang parts, I thought it was a SC one, my SC PS pump bracket has no PS pump)
crank pulley
JS pulley
2 of the 3 tensioners and pullies ( I might have the thrid tensioner I have to look for it)
fuel rail with new rubber hoses on each end
thottle body
intake from TB to blower (with EGR delete plate)
intake from IC to lower intake
alternator pulley
coil pack
coil pack bracket
I do have a water pump but unsure of its condition
valve covers
misc hoses

Parts I do not have include

blower top
Intercooler tubes
one tensioner (although It may be here somewhere)
mounting bolts for the brackets and intakes although I might be able to find some lying around.
PS pulley

$400 shipped for everything I have. Shipping will be done in 3-4 boxes due to size and weight. Shipping takes about one week anywhere in the US. Tracking numbers provided.

Email me at [email protected]

not all the parts are in this pic, this is just a smaple of some of the parts.



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jackshaft bracket
JS pulley
PS pump bracket
PS pump pulley
alternator pulley
coil pack (won't 95 Mustang pack work?)
coil pack bracket

I need to inventory the boxes of stuff I've received lately, but I'm pretty sure these are the parts I still need. How much for all this shipped to NC 27526?


Mustang Supercoupe
OK I have all the parts but the PS pulley, I do have one but I am pretty sure its warped, I can send it with everything and you can find out for sure, but I am pretty sure it is and thats why I have it still. The mustang coil pack will work fine yes.

How is $175 shipped?