Suspension Question and help!


Hello everyone, Im having trouble with my suspension. Recently I replace my front stock sway bars (Steeda), tie rods, tie rod ends, end links and lower control arm. I keep on hearing a clunky noise. The springs are ford racing n spring. The upper strut Mounts are the gt500 ford racing. The struts are eBay replacement strut. It got to the point that replaced my aftermarket wheels with 17 stock gt wheels thinking it was my wheels Needed Hub-Centric rings and just decided to put a stock wheel. Any ideas what It might be, this is very frustrating. Thanks

Captain Max Silver

Captain Max Silver
Look For Clearance Problem Where Springs May Be Hitting Inside Shock Tower Along Edge.
I Had To Clearance Mine A Little When I Went With Coil Over Shocks. Just A Thought.