Tablet In dash? WIP


Hey guys I am working on putting a tablet into my car in place of a double din head unit and am running into some issues. Bear with me while i try to explain what parts I have, and what I ultimately want to do.

I have a 2000 v6, NON MACH sound system. I believe it is the premium sound system based on the factory separated tape deck and cd player + amp.

Parts I have : Tablet. Scosche fdk106 stereo harness. 3.5mm to RCA cord. RCA volume control knob. 110v 75 watt Power inverter. Double din bezel

The idea : Using a double din bezel, I want to mount my tablet onto the bezel (already done). Use the harness to connect the tablet to the amp via 3.5mm to RCA cable (RCA into amp, 3.5mm from tablet headphone port). I know the harness I have doesn't have the RCA plugs but I was hoping I could still use it, if not its no big deal, I will buy the proper harness if needed.

I am not going to be running any subwoofers, so I was hoping that an aftermarket amp would not be necessary.

Has anyone done something similar or know what I need to use the factory amp with my tablet? My car is in shambles right now, I didn't expect this to be so tricky. I have replaced a dozen car stereos before but have never ran into anything quite like these mustang stereos.

Ultimately I want to stay away from rewiring the speakers and from having to purchase an aftermarket amp. I understand aftermarket amps make for better sound. I am more into having all of the functions of a tablet rather than a perfect sounding stereo.

I really appreciate any ideas or advice ya'll might have.