Technical: Fender Mounted MAFs and Filters


Sure Shot
yaaa i have the same issue, i remember the screen from taking out the stock CAI its sitting in my tool box..lets install that bad boy! Great Post


Devil Boy
Hmm seems this little screen could be causing me some problems too. Just installed an EBAY CAI a couple weeks ago, about a week after I too got some bucking problems, and an intermittent rough idle.


da man
good info guys, good thing i read this before putting a intake on.. i had one on my 98 and didnt use that screen and had no problems what so ever...

i do remember reading a install thing in fastford, and muscle mustangs last month.. where the guys installed a vortech v3 sc and had a super shitty idle and another problem or 2.. they had to call up vortech and order another screen.. but vortech uses a honey comb type screen with their kits.. kind of like the stock grill on 99 to 04 stangs.. its longer then just the screen inscert.. but it did fix their problems...

could some one post up a pic of how the screen is installed i feel stupid asking for a pic but after reading where it was installed by the first guy who tryed it.. i am alittle confused...

and again great info, and prolly saved a few people repair bills for trying to hunt the problem down... esp if they are as anal about their cars and their cars having issues as i am...:thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: