The 3.8 Picture Challenge Game


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We've been playing this game for a while now on our local sportbike forum... I don't know if it will catch on as much with a national site, but I figured I'd give it a shot.

The point of the game is to explore your city, and post pictures of landmarks with your vehicle in them to prove you went there.

The idea is to post a challenge that other members attempt to complete. For example, I post the challenge of "Your vehicle in front of a local news station." The first person to post that completed challenge will make up a new challenge, and so on and so forth.

1. Your picture must be current. You can't use a picture you took months or years ago that meet the current challenges stipulation. If the picture was not taken after the challenge was posted, it's no good.
2. Only the person who wins the challenge can post the next challenge. First one to post the picture of the previous challenge is the winner of that challenge, unless it does not meet said challenge's requirements.
3. Judgement of whether or not a challenge was completed is only to be judged by the author of that challenge. This is not a democracy.
4. You may not complete your own challenges.
5. If you do not post a challenge within a decent amount of a time (within a couple hours), a new challenge will be created by someone else.
6. Just a part of your vehicle has to be in the photo. You do not need to include the entire thing.

Here's a picture I took as an example. If someone were to post "Take a picture in front of your city's skyline", this might be what you post up:


(I actually thought more of my mirror was in that picture, but you get the point) :lol:

Your vehicle in front of a strip club... bonus points for having a stripper on or inside it.

Annnd.... Go.


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Forgot to add this... harder challenges slow the game down significantly. Keep them somewhat easy and it flows a lot quicker.


Dumbass. That's you.
Did this at game.

Zim, what they did there though was after 2-3 days if a challenge wasnt done, make a new one


The Coors Knight
Did this at game.

Zim, what they did there though was after 2-3 days if a challenge wasnt done, make a new one

I figured just see how it went... the reason people don't do challenges is because they're either too complicated, or unachievable.


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totally gonna try to get in on this. can't do the strip club pic for a few days my little man so i'll wait for the next one.


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i dont care for strippers so i just did it outside w.out one :taylor:


ok next one... infront of a cop car. bonus points for you getting a ticket in the process :uhh:


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Nice, I like this. But does my bicycle count as my vehicle? cuz I barely drive my car anymore.


Dont know how to resize but here it is:


Next challenge, picture of your car by a lake. Should be easy.