The Official what book have you read lately thread?


It's that time again. :)

I just started reading Don Quixote. :eek:

Edit: Does anyone here read Clive Cussler? I'm addicted... I wanna read all of his books now! :lol:


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Nothing because i am to lazy to make a trip over to the book case which holds a ton of books I have not read. The magazine rack with PM and PS is way closer.:lol:


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I am between books right now. I have had Crime and Punishment on hold for nearly 6 months. I was about 100 pages in last time I checked. I might pick that up again or I might start on something new.

I just started reading Don Quixote. :eek:

Cervantes ftw!


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There are many Dirk Pit novels out there, he has been writing those for what seems like over 20 years. I used to read those many years ago, but I stopped when I was in college.


Yeah, those too.:p

I know for Cussler novles I have:

Black Wind
plus one other in my dorm room
I've only read "Inca Gold" (which I picked up just because I liked the title :uhh:) and "Treasure" so far. I was talking to a co-worker about his novels the other day; her response: "you're such a guy!". :lol:


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I just got done reading requiem for an assassin. Decent book. I guess Berry Eisler has a whole series about a hitman. Im thinking about finding all the books in the series.

Anyone know of some good hitman books? This is the first one I have read and I think Im hooked.


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Confessions of a Wall Street Analyst: A True Story of Inside Information and Corruption in the Stock Market

****ing amazing book so far...

The last 2 months I finished I am legend and Invasion of the Body snatchers
How was I am legend? I was thinking about reading it, but I dont know if I will have time before the movie comes out. I dont want to be half way through the book, then see the movie and be like ****, I know whats going to happen now :thumbdown:


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Виктор Суворов - "Ледокол"


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That actually sounds interesting, maybe I will look him up on Wiki

It is amazing that he was considered a nut case because he went up against T. Edison, but when his ideas were used by George Westinghouse, he wasw called genious.
A power plant he built in the 30s is still producing, at the base of Niagra Falls.
Imagine what he could have done now days.