The price of quality duel exhaust V-6


I wanted true duel exhaust for my 94 V-6. I found a stainless steel conversion kit for
$199. But it was made to be a bolt on system so it went 2 into 1 and then duels.
The kit came with all the hangers for the right side clamps nuts and bolts.
It's 2 1/2" and the quality looked good.

I stopped at a few places and found a muffler shop that didn't mind if I brought my own
parts. The guy cut the pipes off at the mufflers and cut the pipes right behind the converters.
He made some really nice pipes that were tucked up nice and looked great. The cost was
$100 so for $299 I now have true duals and didn't even get my hands dirty.

The pipes are seamless stainless steel and the bends looked nice and smooth.
I would think 2 1/2" should be plenty big enough.