The Story of Mike!


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Well I'm sure many of you know me from and if you do, you have seen my 70+ page build thread !

That thing is full of N/A build info if your willing to read through it all lol

So I bought the car right after highschool for 8,500$ with 33k miles on it.

It is a 2004 special edition. This package came with the stripes and other interior options.

I soon joined the newbie modding game. First was the Bama tunes and AM CAI. The intake alone was a blast due to the sound of the intake. Gave the air intake a much more throaty sound then that stock silencer.
Then I hooked up the tuner and whooped in some 93 octane ! The new shift points and firmness for my auto was an absolute blast !!!

Then we started with the looks, and what better way to start then a mach1 chin and grille !!!

AWAY WITH THE HONEYCOMB ! Also the greatest birthday gift ever!! FR500s !!

Shortly before that I bought myself a christmas gift of dual exhaust !

Catback of: Xpipe and flow 40s !!!


More and more mods come about.
I blew up my 7.5 acting stupid.
What came from that ???

Well an 8.8 w/ 3.73s of course !!!
and a sway bar later down the road...

Then a LED 3rd brake light slipped in the mix at some point as well.

But soon came the urge !!!

The sweet sound of the cam ! The want for more power !
So after months of research and being scared as hell, I received a cam from southfour!!
Equal to the lumpy cam, I was ready for the road ahead !
Little did I know this was the shittiest few months of working on a car ever ! LoL

And what all happend with this simply part ?!?!
Oh just shitty cam bearings and breaking my crank pulley !!!

Soon the build came through. The cam went in.

After tons of problems it ran !!!

And as much as I was loving it,
It truely did suck haha
all 4 cats on an x pipe w/ 40s was just WAY to quiet :(

Well I decided to test drive it some before taking it to the dyno.
Why ? Because smart !!!

200 miles down the road what happens ??


So what does Mike do ?
Well says "**** it" of course !

Why keep bad bearings, and a motor that ran a few minutes with no oil pressure (dont ask)

All out time !!!

Here came the 4.2, custom cam, ported heads/intake, windstar, and full exhaust !!!

and while were at it, just wanted to mention. I started this project in the snow !!!

During the build I found that sway bar and the rear bumper !

During this project I was cutting my exhaust with a die grinder (wearing safety glasses)
I still managed to get metal into my eye. Ended up in the ER with needles being poked in my eye to get it out. Then they used this dremol looking thing to "drill" out the rust from my eye !!! Yuck ...

Soon it all became real and the stang lived.

225/245 rwhp/tq later !

But was this enough ?!?! NEVER !!!

the 40s were still to quiet for me !

Pypes Violators !

But the 225/245 got boring.

So what better way to wake up the stang ??

Finished off the push rods with all hardened
3200 Revmax stall, and NAWZ !!! As well as an SVT Focus fuel pump, oil cooler, and
Jmod shift kit!

I soon became fast, sorry for lack of more nitrous pictures, but some of my pics already have it in them :D Its just that well hidden muhahahaha

The car soon took a 5 hr trip down to college station to the TWS drags !!!
1/8th measured off on a pit lane to and old track.
Non prepped so pretty much a non prepped track !!
Street tires and a 100 shot surprised them all with a little V6 using a sneaky well hidden shot !

And on this night I hung out with the forum famous ESG642T aka Kyle

Soon came me cutting about 3/4 coil and no more isos on the front ! had to lower that 4x4 !!!

MY car is on a trailer in that picture because I accidently busted the oil pan ..
While I cut the springs I had the rotors rotated and new pads ! Only to find the pistons ruined from the last person to install pads put them in wrong ..
So I replaced the calipers twice each ... after two locked up on me :(

Finally we are back to running !!!!

So a quick run down.
The car has run a 12.43 @ 109 and 7.71 @ 88 on nitrous !! Pretty consistant 9.0s on engine and haven't been to the 1/4 with all my mods for N/A times .. did run a 14.37 at some point tho !

The car has seen many issues, and now has 70k miles on it !! It has been through the block and back and still standing faithfull.

She cams hard, and drives fast ! Surprising those who never believed in the essex 3.8 !!!
The sneaky pete nitrous set up has taken many off guard and whooped alot of ass !!!! It has earned ALOT of respect for the way it runs down the track !!!!

Now I have left out alot of detail and simply I am getting tired of doing this !! lol

But just as a quick catch up, I have decided empty nitrous bottles and 225hp terd DD is enough !!!
I need some boost !!
So our v6procharged member was kind enough to sell his Procharger kit to me !!!
So now I sha'll become ProSprayMike! :D

Shipping soon, I plan on running this P1 around 7-9# for 300-325rwhp. Then slapping a 50 shot on top of that at the track !!!
Should be a very interesting and fun car !!!

I know ill have traction issues then, so soon Ill install the MM FLSFCs that I have sitting in my room for 3 months now. Then Ill find LCA's, maybe UCAs, and probably an air bag in the right rear spring!

Also coming for this is a Mafia for the MAF and cobra 39# injectors !!!

more to come...
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love your build mike. I was just about to ask what size those fr500s were but then I saw your pic of the tires. lol.

And how did you manage to break your crankshaft pulley.


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Was always jealous of the 2004's coming with painted mirrors..

Thats just the Special Edition Package. Not all 04s. And yes I love the termi mirrors !!!

love your build mike. I was just about to ask what size those fr500s were but then I saw your pic of the tires. lol.

And how did you manage to break your crankshaft pulley.

I rented a puller kit. Found later that the bolts for it were bent ...


well done my friend. im glad you posted a pic with the motor bare, shows i need a bolt for the a/c bracket/tensioner bracket. send me yours :D


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Good to see this all shortened up.. Lol

Was there when you started this on MM, just never posted cuz I didn't know anything. :D
Sweet and fast unlike MM forum where it is 70 pages !!!!!!!. Hmm... wonder if they had issues with cam bearings my cam bearings were shot in my old motor as well. Hoping the new used block ain't when I put the cam in haha, or else I will be doing cam bearings in the car lol.


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build idk how much has costed me ... way more then it should have tho ... lots of problems here and there ... spent to much wasted money. But it was a learning process...

PC I have about 2,100 in so far. Will need to buy a stock crank pulley from somewhere ... so far cheapest have seen is 70$.
And will need to buy some PC oil.

Install Ill do myself. Should be good to go after that. Dyno. Just depends on time on dyno. I think its 125/hr. so Im guessing 2hrs or so.


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but after PC build Ill have the UDP to sell. a racing pulley for the PC I wont need. an F150 pulley I might can squeeze a few bucks for. A set of 24# injectors also.


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i read on the MM forum you said building a N/A set up isnt worth it can i get some feed back if you dont mind i still think it could go far with NAWZ


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David i wish you could record a race on the streets on a roll i wana see how it does run something good like a 370z those ****ers run 14s id say mid to high 14s i think if not lower