The SuperCoupe Supercharger Swap


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I'm going to start the Supercoupe Supercharger Swap and I was wandering if I needed anything else. Besides what I have. Here is the list. Supercharger

Lower intake

Fuel injectors

Fuel rail


Intercooler piping

Crank pulley

Water pump pulley

Left side bracket

Right side bracket


Ronnycage V3.8

Lower Intake
Thermostat housing
jackshaft bracket
PS pump bracket crank pulley
JS pulley
3 tensioners and pullies fuel rail
rubber hoses on each end
thottle body
intake from TB to blower
intake from IC to lower intake
alternator pulley
coil pack
coil pack bracket
I do have a water pump but unsure of its condition
valve covers
misc hoses
blower top
Intercooler tubes
mounting bolts for the brackets and intakes although I might be able to find some lying around.
PS pulley

I just did a random search it had a list of parts the guy did and didnt have... good luck