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Im starting a new thread because i put so much unnecessary stuff that reading through it is such a drag... this time its only gonna be about what im doing not what im gonna do ..and less theatrics

Here is the pics of where im at now i have everything disconnected from racecar im gonna pull the engine this weekend most likely...


I just went through all that...your paint looks really good by the way, mine is red too. Is this your first time doing it? Let me know if I can help. I rebuilt my engine for the first time just by doing research and asking. Did a lot mistakes but everything turned out to be fine.


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I just went through all that...your paint looks really good by the way, mine is red too. Is this your first time doing it? Let me know if I can help. I rebuilt my engine for the first time just by doing research and asking. Did a lot mistakes but everything turned out to be fine.

Thanks for your offer of help thats a nice gesture and i appreciate it very much Im not painting it i just pulled off the fenders and bumper to be familiar with the process because i might* paint the next one but im kinda thinking twice about that...

Plans? Give us some details on the car.

Details on the car are what you already know fully forged internal engine na 290hp the plan is to get the engine running na in the white convertible correctly then do mods one at at time instead of all at once so if something goes wrong i can source it to the last mod instead of being lost in a sea of changes... end result desired is a stiffened chassis clean but simple convertible street car with a relatively unorthodox exterior asthetic style and an even more relative to mustang standards unorthodox powerplant being a boosted v6 ..with all the technology these days with boost control and cooling techniques im looking forward to incorporating alot of the little tricks guys are using to squeeze out power from the 6
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Got the engine out in record time it was a true thing of beauty literally the same day i get a trophy here on v6 mustangs for being on here for 1 year named "rookie no more" lol and about 1 minute after i read that and was just soaking in how coincidental the trophy came on the same day the engine came out a rouge lightning bolt slammed down a block away completely rocking my shop like a bomb went off! It was so crazy i thanked god for his blessing. Then i went and ate a 50 dollar 12 oz beef tenderloin steak to celebrate lol ..it was a good day

Next up is to take out the dash in the red car and get familiar with that process..
I have literally no fear any more because the gopro is watching everymove i make its incredible gonna try to get some of the footage together and uploaded so you guys and whoever else can follow along..

This will be a non edited run what i brung type video the collaboration movie will come when its all over and the white car is complete..
Thanks for watching


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Its a work of art. Its a very unique cage. Unfourtunately the creator is no longer with us.. RIP Russel. His memory and legacy will live on however keeping me safe and keeping the chassis stiff bending corners with the top missingI

Yes i got the white car in the shop im swapping the maximum motorsports kmember and flaming river manual steering rack that came with the red car so i can get the red car out (junk it i guess yeah) and start focusing on the white car..


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Recommend you keep the power steering stock setup. Better drivability. Flaming River manual steering rack will be stiff when used to park a car. K-member switch is a good replacement and saves about 80 lbs on the front end. Also think the red car rear end may be an upgrade from the 7.8 stocker. Just pull the pumpkin cover and see if upgrades are visible. It may have had a upgrade differential, bearings, axles maybe.


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Ready to swap k members got 2 bolts out of the red cars kmember and i called it a night around 11 oclock so i can get some sleep and make it to work at 7.. but with school starting today i was late anyways lol #monday


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I would have had the kmembers swapped by now but the red car did not have abs so i had to leave the spindles so i can keep the splines for the speed sensors... the post on the balljoint that the spindle sits on is stuck on there really good... im gonna let penetrating oil do its thing over a few days and try again with a bigger hammer.. if not i will see if i can make a balljoint or pulley puller work and last resort will b i will hit it with heat but i always avoid heat at all costs... anyway sorry for the dark pics ill do better for the next set..


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Recommend you keep the power steering stock setup.

Now that i have the maximum motorsports k member ready to be installed in the white car i realized the mounting of the power steering rack is different from the mounting of the manual steering rack

The power steering rack has tubes that protrude from the oem kmember and the bolts slide through the inside of the tubes and rack slides over the outside of the tubes via rubber bushings all together for a tight fit


The manual rack however has billet inserts with exact fit for the bolt drilled holes in them and the maximum motorsports kmember has drilled holes for a bolt to slide through no tube..


Im now at a cross road now as to what i want to do next... do i modify the maximum motorsports kmember to utilize the the tube then just bolt the power steering rack like it was on the oem kmember
Do i take the tubes out of oem kmember put them inside the power steering rack to hold it snug then just slide the bolt through like the maximum motorsports kmember was designed to do originally
Do i just say screw it and go manual rack..

I think i like the tubes in and leave kmember alone idea..

Im gonna try to detail all the parts and the bay mayb some painting before i start putting it all back together so i have time to consider my options...
Im open for suggestions


The ball joint shaft that was giving me trouble (using my finger as a measurement tool) went to the autoparts store and got a "front end service kit" which came with 4 different pullers for situations like this.. still had alot of trouble getting it off even with the tool it was really a pita but eventually it popped with no heat to weaken it


And pics of my progress..



Here i noticed the brake lines are in the way of mounting the maximum motorsports k member


Here too and a ground wire (its pushing that sway bar bolt to the side but its not in the way i just took the picture to show the brake line in the way like i didnt realize till after the fact..


Im not too concerned about this issue im just gonna push them over without kinking the hard line and put a rubber groment to prevent vibrations causing problems down the road.



I love building this car so much... i brought a girl i was seeing to my shop and one point she said "wat a shame that these used to be two perfectly good cars and now theyre in peices" needless to say we are no longer actively seeing eachother..
Lol im jk we broke up for another reason haha but coincidentally that did happen lol anyway moving forward nonetheless..


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Ok sorry scratch that last post all i needed to do was take the rubber inserts out and slide the billet inserts in lol ..#blondemoment
Got the maximum motorsports k member in centered and tightened and i got the power steering rack in nice and rigid with the billet instead of rubber so im really happy with that.. i called it a night wen i realized that i prematurely tightened the sway bar before putting in the coilovers and the coilovers cant go in without installing the maximum motorsports castor camber plates so i figured tomorrow after work ill sweep and mop and organize my tools a little first and get started again with a fresh mind..
I did manage to pinch a hard line by accident ... its not completely shut but i flattened it pretty good so ill take all of them off the red car and replace it in the future..
To be honest i see myself taking this whole car apart again down the road lol! Ill name the thread the re rebuild lol

The goal right now is to swap all the stock stuff on to the red car to roll it out so i can have space in my shop again i wanna set up my flat screen and a couch eventually hang shelves and stuff...

anyway here are a couple shots