Throttle Body

Pastor P

is it worth the over 400$ or so someone would have to spend to change out the oem throttle body to a bbk 73mm throttle body. My car is a 2012 Mustang V6 automatic. I’ve had it tuned and got almost 300 hp to the wheels. Thats with an oem throttle body. So would cost vs hp received be woth the investment?

David Young

5th Mustang
I almost bought a BBK 73MM throttle body, but changed my mind. When they first started selling them a lot of people bought one. They said they could feel better throttle response and a little more power. They don't talk about it much anymore, I don't know why. The best way to see if it is worth it, is to do several 0 to 60 runs before and after. You'll have to have your tunes changed...….Let us know what you decide do :)


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$400, no way on EARTH I would pay that. You can fine cheaper
TB units and put it in yourself. I can't see why someone charges
$250-$300 for a bored out TB unit. I bored one out myself on
a previous car, 18 years ago, took some time and effort, but was
FREE... I plan to buy another OE one, take it to the shop and bore
it out.
Sorry for my English.
I asked about what you made or change in your V6
you say you've got 300 hp to the wheels, ..... that you've done or modified to have this performance ... change transmission, air intake, throttle body ... (this last I know not) reflash your ecu ...
I hope I have expressed well now and thks for your answer