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Hey guys, well a God sent miracle came into work today I'll give you a background on this to make sense of the story.
I work at a ford dealership (Village Ford Lincoln) and every friday we always do quick outside washes for autotrader pictures, as i was taking my last one around to the front of the dealership I was just minding my own business and looked to my right (not clueing in that I passed my own car) and saw what I thought was my mustang behind a tow truck and a air compressor behind the wheel. My initial reaction was "What the hell are you doing with my car?!?!?! Why is a truck behind it and a air comnpressor?!?! Leave my car alone!"
Than it dawned on me like a slow soaking in of the situation type dawning, wait a sec I said.... My car sure isn't clean, I haven't gotten to wash in weeks, those headlights are definitely not mine since they are sooooo clear!!!" (Then I took the deepest gasp super bright light bulb moment breath) GASSSSP!!! That's a ours!!!
So I take my last vehicle up front and fast walk through the building out through my washbay where I work in, telling my coworker as I'm hustling excitedly I should add, "I'll be back later I got something important I got to go see." So I look this thing over very thoroughly while another work mate was talking to me and said if I had wanted it he wouldnt buy it so that I could have it. Well it needed a new battery off the start and well I needed to wait for Mark our one guy to boost it and I hooked it up, told him to fire it up, and once he did he kinda just stood back and let me do my thing with it as long as I wanted hahaha. I admired how beautiful and clean the body was compared to my own. and of course knowing now exactly how to assess Mustangs of this era and age I know exaclty what I am dealing with. Not long after I'm talking to a sales manager and got a price from him and compared it to Ray's which was $1000 and Brian said 2500.. Ugh ahh. Nooo bleepin way, thats what I paid for my other stang which wasnt bad at the time but that was a different time. So i go home for lunch and tell my dad all about this and had him come check it out and he agreed that it was by far a great pony to deal for. Since I am well versed in dealing now and I know when to back off or pull out my aces, the salsemam Rod a friend/sales to my dad from his truck had given me the advantage and we talked down to 1200, which is still a bit much but thats good enough for what I need to transplate into the car.

Now Story time is over apologies if that was long or painful but it all adds up.
So here is what I confirmed about the car.
1. It is a 1995 V6 5 speed coupe with 256xxx est Km,
2. Has significantly less body damage or paint damage than my own
3. Does need quite some work to be completely tip top but granted as a old piece of tool like me thats fair.
4.Will not cost me nearly as much to fix up as mine.
5. Drives incredibly sexy!! Like Steering is silent and highly responsive not having clicks in movement like a heav pony car would.
6. Clutch is surely new or better than mine, sooooooooo freaking responsive I almost smoked tires twice from immediate power down to the ground.
7. CLOCK WORKS HAHA AND IT HAS POWER WINDOWS AND A DRIVER MIRROR! ( neverhad PW before, still in the crank window ages)
8. Needs less paint touch up and far less engine damage ish. Mine in the Stallion my owned car is slightly stronger and quicker in throttle response. And doesnt hesitate at WOT wide open throttle. This other car does at 3rd hesitate and fourth was a pain to get woken up. Simply because the plastic and ring above the shifter itself is loose so going into second pushed the molding into place then third pulled that up and fourth gets pushed out unless you mean that you want that fourth. 5th i didnt think I had time to try.
Here are the photos of the car to be. Than The other set is mine now.


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Is that Midnight Blue ? I have same color and it's called that because the color looks blue under artificial light at night and more turquoise in direct sun. That was extra cost option in '95 and '96. Man. you sure seem excited about it.

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Ironically the new car although the same age has pretty much all the options I wanted plus a new radio deck. And I'm liking the Foose wheels and in debate as to whether or not I should get matching or the front or go to a 17 inch set.

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But I do have a question to help keep my over thinking mind at bay. I'm aware these cars aren't 100% flush front and rear bumper with the body exact, but how much gap should be present and or how to fix that?

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I can't answer your body question. From here it looks like a really promising opportunity. Some TLC, a short throw shifter, and a set of 17x9 and I'd call it good for a long while.

At 256k miles, that chassis has a lot of history. You might want to run the VIN and obtain a CarFax report. I'm wondering if the engine was rebuilt or swapped along the way.

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I have and it's km. and the searh did show quite the history. Whatever damages had been done mostly appear to have been repaired and or done. I'm waiting on our tecs and my buddy in sales to get me some details. If it sang from the factory he'll tell me which notes. And agreed tlc and just enough to bring it up won't be difficult

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Thank you. I'm looking forward to the finishing painting stage. Since it's not very damaged I can work many things now. I'm sketching up some templates I might want airbrushed or painted on the car. If I can get the paint. If not super waxing and macho glossing is up to bat.

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Well today I am now the happy owner of my second mustang!
the new one I just picked up is on the right with the tail lights not illuminated.