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TOO many forums....

Discussion in 'Site Suggestions & Announcements' started by infinity, Dec 8, 2001.

  1. infinity

    infinity Guest

    Imo, there are too many forums here. You need something like MW has--> Tech, Clubhouse, and Test. THats it, makes it easier ot read and easier to respond to stuff
  2. Sean

    Sean Guest

    Well all the exhaust and other bolton questions definitely need their own board.
  3. I think you are a little late with that.  We fought about the forums when the site was redone.  
  4. yep...we used to have only a couple of forums...now we have a lot....thats just the way it goes...i like it now...i didnt really at first but now i do :D
  5. v6stanger

    v6stanger Guest

    i like it now too. its more organized so you dont have people psting compltely different stuff in the same board. and to solve the problem of all the exhaust,gears,and cold air induction we should just make those topics into articles on the homepage or something. that would get a lot less clutter and end the same old questions over and over.
  6. im relativly new here, and i love the way it is now. IF there were even more like v6stanger says it would be even better. We v6mustangers dont like clutter. right guys(and girlz)?
  7. silvermike91

    silvermike91 Guest

    I think if anything, we might even need a couple more areas.  If we had only three (3) topics - there would be a lot of clutter - relatively new posts would not be at the top of the list b/c everyone would be constantly posting on the same board.  Also, its better if everyone is not able to look through all of the topics/posts.  To some degree it limits some people from posting nonsense.
  8. v6stanger

    v6stanger Guest

    so infinity quityerbitchin :)

    we need a GP forum
  9. Henry97

    Henry97 Guest

    I rather like the various forums as they are.  What I find tedious is having to go in and out of each and everyone of them to read all recent posts.

    I asked on another thread about setting the system to email members that so desire, all new posts, and was told it could be done before but not now.

    I then found the last ten posts feature at the bottom in the main menu but apparently this does not work in a very precise way.  Sometimes it is late, and when your post a new message it does not go on that list automatically.