Toph's All Out Turbo Build

6 Shooter

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Great success story and a complicated project. Well done. Certainly have enjoyed the write-ups, photos, and detailed descriptions of the work progress along the time line. The engine bay looks very clean and out of room for anything else. Think you will love those 400 horses at the track. Getting consistent runs am sure will be quite a challenge along with lots of tuning tweaks (everywhere).


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Today I got on it on the highway on the way to work and it pulled nice and smooth in 3rd from 4000-6500.

Engine drives a lot smoother, and STFT's are down from 3-5% with the original intake to 0.5-2% with the new intake and tune.

Now its time for a brake fluid flush, relower the car as I raised it to get it on the dyno easier, and then final alignment and we will be ready for race season! I think we are still gonna have some suspension tweaking, but hopefully I can get the weight of the car at work today for a good starting point.


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Was able to weigh the car at work today. With a 3/4 tank of gas it weighed 3370lbs, which puts it right at 245whp/ton. Not too bad, especially when you consider that after drivetrain loss the engine is close to 490-500hp. (Assuming 15-17% drivetrain loss)

Oem the car weighed 3070lbs with 190hp, so 300lbs for IRS, T56, roll bar, coyote engine, and being up 300hp isn't too bad of a trade off.