Trying to find videos of boosted v6 Mustangs


Anyone that has been surfing youtube for the last 10 years or so have probably come across the videos I am talking about. the older of the two videos is of a 99-04 Yellow supercharged w/ intercooler v6 mustang I can no longer find it on youtube as if the video doesn't exist anymore. The other was a red turbo'd v6 mustang doing a pull on a dyno outside around a crowd, pull number was 474hp. The yellow car was built built it was the nicest v6 I've ever seen on youtube. I'd like to see that video again if anyone has it or knows who it was. If I'm not mistaken I believe it had t-tops or a black roof idk it was a long time ago. and the red mustang sounded crazy on the dyno so I kind of want to research what exhaust he was using. Please let me know as I'm back into the v6 game, I'm rebuilding my car again.