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Ok so I am trying to get us 99-04 guys something better for tuning. I am getting tired of having to purchase handheld devices and going back and fourth to tuners for each bolt on to get the best bang for our buck. I work with a guy that used to write algothrims for a tuning company focused on gm v6 engines in the late 90s. As hp tuners was one of their biggest competitors in that market place. He told me that he couldn't find anything that was computer based to allow us to tune our own cars unless we wanted to pay a higher price for shop software. As I already had known this. He knows people that work at hptuners currently and was told we need to start a thread on their forum and keep asking for information as this will get us seen more to push for better tuning software development for our cars. If you wouldn't mind please support the effort. Click on this link and register for the forum and push for higher priority. Just keep asking questions about the progress. http://www.hptuners.com/forum/showth...647#post361647


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If you already have the tuner, just purchase the software. I ran into the same problem, I'm constantly tinkering with my car and doing sh*t that needs to have the computer flashed. I broke down and purchased the SCT Advantage III tuning software. If you currently are using an SCT tuner make sure it is compatible with custom tunes. I have no complaints with the software, as it allows access to almost everything. To me it was money well spent. If your interested Don with Lasota Racing is awesome! He has several packages that include a tuning guide and cd which are great to get you started. Here's the link. He will also provide a base tune if needed to get you started. SCT Pro Racer Packages PRP The software by itself is only 349. It was a bit of a learing curve, but it is so nice not having to depend on anyone to do what I want when I want!

SCT also has pretty good tech support, and you will also get access to SCT's tuning forum not available with out the Advantage III software.