Turbo Kit and Rims for sale(PARTING OUT NOW)


Pictures dont show everything I have

Since i cant seem to sell it all, Im gonna start parting the kit out now

None if these items have seen boost on my car, I mounted the intercooler to make brackets but it came off right after that and never went back on, I have receipts for everything I bought from a store to go along with the kit, the intercooler piping is 2.5" all in plastic sleeves still,

I have a turbo kit minus the headers for sale for $900 OBO

AiResearch Garrett T40B turbo .69A/R Not same model but gives overview of the turbo (CB Performance - Online Catalog) ,

NEW OBX Racing 32x12x3" I/C,

NEW 2.5" universal set of piping more then enough,

Greddy Type S BOV,

JDM wastegate with 4 and 7 lb springs,

Maf adapter plate for I/C piping,

All flanges for BOV and Wastegate,

NEW never used Summit racing oil feed and drain lines,

Brand new never used gaskets and flanges for the turbo,

All vaccum lines youll need,

A 3 guage pillar pod,

NEW boost guage,

New Oil pressure guage

prob more im forgetting.

And a set of black with chrome lip XXR 007 Rims for sale, has 3 bald tires and 1 good rear tire, 18x8.5" front and 18x9.5" rear
$300 Firm $900 New
comes with 1/4" wheel spacers



This requires a battery relocation if I remember correctly? Also what else would be needed to complete the kit? Whole hot side?


Im selling as kit sorry, And Leo,you could do it without relocating the battery, just have to use the intercooler piping in a way that works right for a particular setup, for my setup that I was going to run I would only have used Half the piping, so you can mix n match the pipes to however you want, And to answer your question you would just need the exhaust routed into the turbo and a dump pipe