Turbo on a 2009 4.0 V6 mustang


Thinking of adding some upgrades to our 2009 4.0 V6 mustang.
Everton é seems to want headers, exhaust,air intake, throttle body and tune. now would I be way off to go a different route? Aggressive cam
4:10 gears and a turbo and a tube for the automatic transmission ? Would that be something hard to do? Or that be worth doing?
Thank you for all the fees back.


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These 4.0s like boost. I would try the supercharger route before Turbo.
You will need an exhaust manifold for a turbo, unless you want to go
that under car route using the exhaust pipe to spool the turbo.
Then you need tuned, either way. Lots of work, plus the work for cams
and gearing. The auto trans will need rebuilt with beefier parts, or
buy a Level 10 trans. So, you're $6000 in now, or more. Tube for
the trans is either a new pan with the kit, or drilling a hole for a kit.

Also, you will be upgrading the rear axle to an 8.8", then having the
4:10 gears put in that. You can buy an 11-14 V6 rear, they are 8.8"
and a direct bolt on, no flange adapter. 05-10 rear 8.8" need the
flange changed for the V6 driveshaft. SO, add that expense to the
mix, as the 7.5" rear won't handle the power for long.

$7000 you\re looking at, for parts and labor. With what you paid for
your V6, add $6000, what COULD you have bought from the start?

Then, how many miles are on this car? If you're up in the 75000+ range,
or over 100,000, adding boost may not even be safe. Lots to think