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Florida Man
Idk if any if yall watch Rick and Morty but this is an actual court transcript being read in their voices. It's ****ing hilarious



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Yeah I saw that a couple days ago. I ****ing love Rick and Morty. Can't wait for season 3 coming up. Everything Dan Harmon makes is good


Florida Man
Yeah at one time it was on adult swims site but I think they take that down when the season is over. And at the time it was only most of season 2.
Last I checked there were some from season 1 and 2 but not all of em. Some fufu lame **** if they took it all off


Like I give a ****
Stranger Things was fun. Loved the early 80s vibe and the kids were amazing. It wasn't perfect, but still highly recommended.

American Odyssey was a great watch. Silicon Valley was amazing as well.

Currently watching Penny Dreadful, Marco Polo, The Night Of and on X-Files Season 2.