Twin Turbo Kit w/ fuel + Extras $3650+ shipping


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Stuff edited...details near the bottom. It's honestly everything except having your exhaust hooked up, and just about everything else you could want with it minus tuning stuff. I'll even buy 2 more of the new precision 5557 turbos with the non ported housings so they'll fit if you're interested and make a payment or get them without the turbos. $3650+ shipping
$3350+shipping with 2 New 54mm Precision Turbos

e-mail: [email protected]
PM for phone # if you wanna talk.

-2 New precision 5557 turbos (if you want to run screens, you can have the ported ones I have. If you'd like to run filters, I can get you 2 new 5557 billet turbos with non ported housings so filters will fit for the same price. Or I can get 2 precision 54mm turbos for $300 less. Or you can just get your own and take the kit turbo-less for $2150+ shipping)
-Stainless steel 2.5" hotside
-2" coldside from each turbo to IC
-2.5" coldside from IC to TB
-twin inlet front mount IC
-2 Blitz BOVs and vac lines
-2 tial 38mm wastegates & vac lines/-will include sets of 4 psi and 10 psi springs
-Brand New LC-1 Wideband
-Autometer Fuel Pressure, Oil Pressure, Boost/Vac, and 3 gauge pillar pod
-Hard stainless oil feed lines and the rubber drains/fittings
-set of 8 03/04 Blue Cobra Injectors
-twin mustang GT fuel pumps in a modified bucket to hold them both
-battery relocate box & cable to run to the trunk
-05+ MAF sensor w/ Mafia wired in VMP 75mm housing
-proper spark plugs and heat shields
-air filters and rubber elbows
-nuts and bolts

I put in oxygen sensor bungs where they were supposed to be (pre-turbo) and have plugs for the other ones. Plus an extra bung or 2 to throw in. I do believe I have all the parts listed, most of the main stuff at least.

The kit made 380+ rwhp and 400+ rwtq for the original owner of the kit on 11.8 psi with old garrett 57 trim turbos w/ full boost by 3400 rpm if IIRC. That was also on a stock engine. The new precision 5557 billets (.48 hotside A/R, .70 coldside) should make a difference.



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As far as I know that's it. I might be picking up 2 new precision turbos tomorrow if there isn't any interest and seeing what it'll do.


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well that's why there are pictures too. basically what i mean is you need 2 turbos...what kind is up to you.


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Is your intercooler made by Treadstone? Also are you willing to part with it? If so could you send me dimensions.


Hey Mike, I tried reading through this and its all confusing to know whats for sale now and whats not. I'm not interested in buying, but to clarify things for those who may be and to help with your sale...could you do a new "UPDATE" post saying everything you're including? If not, at least its a free bump for you.


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yeah sorry that turned into a mess really fast. the 1st post has it all now. I just don't have time to deal with all this right now. I can knock off money for some stuff that I'd keep if you already have it, but I'd like to sell it all together. It makes a nice complete kit.

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I got ur number of craigslist but figured ask here I got m112 swap billet flow single blade tb and inlet steg ported blower steeda intake with c and l pipe and mysteed plate and 90mm mass air,also come with 2 billet flow pulleys and hub and 3 other pulleys pretty much everthing need, didn't know if. Interested in trade, worth a shot


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ehh not really interested right now at least. If I end up doing anything again, it's going to be turbo.


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bump again...another couple weeks and i'll start putting everything on the car and do what I need to get it how I want. I'm buying a TIG welder for $1k so I may just make a whole new hotside kit then make a coldside welded todether. (Usually after I say I'm about to put something on or start putting it on, people want to buy it lol I got messages for 6 months about that supercharger)