Uh, guys...


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I wasn't kidding about finding out if she is pro-choice or not.... a fetus doesnt even have a heart or brain for a few weeks


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Time for many tough decisions. I don't just mean keeping the baby or not (i am not going to comment on that). Your life desicions in general. Life will be different. Good luck to you and the girl.


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How long has it been, Sometimes if they are stressed out they can cause false readings, unless it has been a couple weeks.


My sister got pregnant before she was married, it was tough at first but everything got worked out and now my nephue is one of the biggest parts of all of our lives.
My mom works for a non-profit organization that helps mothers who have had something like this come up. There might be one in your area. Womens Pregnancy Center, something along those lines, but not Planned Parent Hood. Everything is confidentail, just like going to a docter. But i'll tell you this now, right now abortion might seem like a good idea, but my mom sees all these women who after 10, 15, 20 years, they suffer from sevire depression b/c they had an abortion and always wonder...."What if.." Whatever comes up Paul, we're backing you man.

BTW this is my nepheu


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This is my son and I dont know what I would do If I didnt have someone to play with in my age group.


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Paul. I would say have her go to the gyno. Those damn things dont work that good. The doctor will draw blood. That is a sure thing. Women are strange. Some times I have all the symptoms and I have never had one child. Good luck if this is the case. kristi


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I am sooooooo ****ed right now (her too).
anything that we've wanted for our own future is now gone. I'll prolly never get my cobra and she won't even finish school by then. :( I'm just as much father material as Barry Manalow is black. I've never felt more inclined to jump off something very high.

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Man, you can't do this to yourself. Keep cool and like Sexy said, sometimes those things don't work. Get her to her GYN asap so
you'll know for sure. You've got your whole life in front of you and plenty of time to do everything you want to do.


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Having a kid of my own is alot more fun than If I had bought a Cobra.
The car cant mimic the things you do and look up to you like an Idol.


Paul, if your man enough to have sex, you got to be man enough to handle the possible outcomes. I hope everything works out for the best.


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Your right, the future for both of you has changed ... but thats not necessarily a bad thing either. I was in a similar position several years back, everything spiraled out of control and I felt like my life was over before it even began.

My girlfriend would not even consider the other options. I remember praying at nights that she would come around and do what was best for both of us.

Everything changed for me the second (no foolin) that I held my new born daughter in my arms. At times it wasn't easy ... but it was always worth it!

Now, 12 years later, not a day goes by that I don't thank god for not answering the prayers of a young scared kid with no idea of what he was saying or doing.

Regardless of what the two of you decide, I wish you both the best.



Just remember, having an abortion does not mean you're not a father, it only means you are the father of a dead child.

I get chills sometimes looking at my 4yr old little girl, thinking that some people have aborted the fetus, and taken everything away from the child and lost so much for themselves.

I never considered abortion, and do not for one second regret it!


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Originally posted by Hell_Razor
I wasn't kidding about finding out if she is pro-choice or not.... a fetus doesnt even have a heart or brain for a few weeks

Yeah, that's what I would do. You guys have too much ahead of you to let something get in your way. But you could be worrying over nothing, wait until the doctor's results come before worrying yourself too much. I'll try to find some statistics on how accurate those things are. Talk to someone like Junior's mom, they know a lot more than everyone here does.


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Yeah well it could be a lot worse....like being put in jail or homeless...or your ex could have ran off with your other mustang and not paying for it and FOrd is looking for it to repo it....it could be worse...I will never regret having my daughter...so what about a freaking COBRA that is material things that you really don't need...society says you do but there are more important things in life.......:disgust: just don't kill a life cause you want a cobra..


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don't force your views on others.......Im sure a lot of people here support very restictive gun laws but you don't see them here pounding thier points


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Why is it every time a girl gets pregnant both the guy and girl are so shocked. I mean dont they understand how a baby gets here? There is no such thing as safe sex. kristi


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Well Paul, if it makes you feel any better, I might be too. I have to go pick up a test myself. It's sort of a long story though, I'll tell you about it over aim next time I catch you on.

Good Luck with whatever you both decide to do, and with the way you look out for your little sis, I know you'd make a geat dad, despite the way you may be feeling about it right now.