Uhh, checking in? I sold the green Cobra...


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Hey guys whats up. I just figured I would swing by to say hi and that I'm still alive, and more importantly let you guys know that I finally sold that damn Cobra. I know it had a fan or two lol.

It sold last week to the nephew of a friend, I got $5200 out of it and I turned a decent profit on it. I mainly wanted to sell it because I want something newer and bigger (like a Magnum) to haul my dogs in. That, and I was tired of the noise lol. The kid's pretty happy with it.

This spring I finally got around to doing some mods, got my headers on and a new clutch and some Mickeys and some other crap, it was consistant 12.7's at 106-7 with 1.6 short times. Not bad. Let's see if this kid can drive good enough to even crack 14's... I doubt it. :lol:

Lately I've spent alot of time mountain biking and working my dogs. My wife and I ride together, she's got a Trek 4300 and I've got a Specialized FSR XC Pro. I used to do Schutzhund with my male German shepherd, and I've recently gotten him back into it, and the female into tracking. They're both doing fantastic. I had a litter back in February and a couple pups have gone to notable Schutzhund homes, and one pup is in training to be a narcotics and apprehension dog in Idaho, I'm proud of her.

On Sunday, I leave for Oklahoma for a PCS. I'm gonna spend 18 months to two years in Fort Sill at the RCF. I'm not really sure what I think of that yet...

Maybe I should take up blogging...


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Glad to see you back here quad.:thumbup:

I'm sad to see the Cobra go (even if it did have tan interior) but a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.


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I can tell you from personal experience that ft. sill ok sucks monkey balls. The town of lawton is a nice little sleepy place (or was back when I was there in 96) If its still there, and your just wanting to see some of the strangest women you've ever seen go to the golden dragon. It was a right of passage for us (army ftw) and also the gunners inn is one of the best places to eat/drink on the whole post.


glad you could sell your car. there isn't much to do in Fort Sill/Lawton, but OKC isn't that far away. (around hour and a half)


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Congrats on getting rid of that piece of ****, and glad to hear you and your family is doing well.