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Our forum software is based off xenForo, which is currently developed by former vBulletin developers. Most of you are probably familiar with vBulletin. vBulletin is currently on a downward spiral with no positive future. Security issues and the inability to keep up with changing trends in technology have made us have to choose a different direction for our forum. We think xenForo has a bright future and will be keeping the forum updated as soon as they release new features.

With that said, change is kind of hard. So I wanted to make this thread to try to make the transition easier for those new to this forum software.

Forum FAQ
The forum software comes with a basic FAQ that might answer some of your initial questions. You can find that here: Help -

Forum Layout
We offer a fixed layout by default which centers the site in the middle of your screen. If you would prefer to choose a layout that fills your entire screen you can do so by scrolling to the bottom of the page and under Website Links, click on the link that says V6 - Mustang. You will be presented with a pop up that allows you to change your layout to V6 Mustang Fluid, which will take up your entire screen.

Rules & Guidelines
You can find our rules and guidelines here: Rules & Guidelines -

Mobile Apps
You can find information on how to download our mobiles apps here: Rules & Guidelines - and Download Our Free Android App -

Most people prefer to use mobile apps on their phone because it makes browsing easier. We also have a nice mobile style that you can use by simply loading the site in your phone.

How Do I PM Someone
PMs are now called Conversations. You can start a conversation with someone by either clicking on their username or by clicking your Inbox link on the top right corner of the site. You can add more than one person to a conversation if you would like.

Member Garages
Member Garages are a neat way to show off your Mustang. You can use our editor to arrange your information anyway you like and upload as many pictures as you would like. To create your own garage simply click here:


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Hey I'm glad to be a member! I was referred by a friend who is a current member and I noticed from the vinyl decal he had on his car! Was wondering where I could get one! Thanks!!


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Hey I'm glad to be a member! I was referred by a friend who is a current member and I noticed from the vinyl decal he had on his car! Was wondering where I could get one! Thanks!!

We currently don't have any but that is something that will happen soon.


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I'm an OLD fart NooB! I was here years ago. Like your new format! Looking forward to getting BACK up to speed!! ;)

This was my Ride, when I was here, several years back. 96 V6, 5-speed, homemade duals, trying to look like a Cobra! :p


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can some one tell me if, the v6 2005 to 2009 has a problem like over heating or engine nocking, just anything!! ty!

Rene Rodriguez

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hi noober here,but I changed my sparkplugs today because the mustang needed a tune up and now the new sparkplugs are causing it to give a rough hell idle

Frank R.

I have a 2000 3.8 Mustang when you start it,it will idle real ruff an run 1200 rpm hard to get it to idle 700rpm I change plugs,plug wires and check the idle control sencer it same to be ok an I also check the vacuum lines an PVC valve


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Glad to be here. Just purchased a 13 Mustang convertible. My first Mustang and I love it! Looking forward to being a member.


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Good luck getting any answers from the STAFF, they haven't managed
this place in a long LONG time.

You just posted a REPLY, you need st "Post new Thread" in the appropriate

Ken Brooks

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Ok, I think this is where I was headed.. My name, Ken. Joined just now. I have a 1994 v6 convertible that I bought around a year ago. It had been sitting for(couldn't get answer from Tow yard owners, so Im guessing the milage to approximate 80,000. Ran excellent for a car Im guessing sat, in the tow yard for probably 15-??yrs. I am 68yrs. old, still like to work on cars. so, here goes. I will try to be concise.
Have had the car a little more than a year now. never any problem with it really. No drips, of any kind. so, Had to get a tire and get it replaced. guy changeing tire, placed jack under engine, heard a "pop". guy looked and finished changeing tire. A few hours later and about 15-20 miles later, without be hot, no knocking, no unusual nioses, simply shut down. Tow Truck guy, checked, no water, very little oil. started and ran for the T.T. driver to..
And now I see the plug is missing frm the bottom of the bell housing. I need to know where to look for what i need