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V6 SOHC Supercharger manifolds

Discussion in '2011-2014 V6 Mustang Tech' started by bmckelvey, Mar 3, 2014.

  1. bmckelvey

    bmckelvey FordV6Guy

    Feb 23, 2005
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    Madison, AL
    I have built a number of supercharged 4.0 V6 SOHC supercharged setups and a lot of people have asked about getting a manifold. A "boosted" buddy of mine owns a machine shop and we are going to make a few manifolds for people that have asked. These will be one piece aluminum with a mounting plate for an M112 from a lightning, mustang GT or a M122. Could even adapt to an M90. We are even going to make the idler adapter and EGR adapter. Maybe a fuel splitter block if anyone needs one. The manifold will be machined from a single solid piece of aluminum, not cast. So, it should have a better finish and more accurate port mating. The more people that want one, the cheaper we can make them. We started setting up the NC milling machine program this weekend and cut a piece of plate to be sure we have good fit on the bolt holes and ports in the bottom. The prototype came out really good so we will try to cut the first manifold next weekend. We are wondering what sort of interest there is for one of these manifold and other parts. I know a lot of you guys are really good at handling the installation and setup of most of the stuff, it is just getting that manifold that is always an issue. If there is enough interest we can build these manifolds for between $400-500, depending on how many people want to buy and what we get for a bulk price on those blocks of aluminum. Let me know who would be interested and we will keep you posted on how we make out. The first one will go on my M122 install ;).

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