V6 throttle issue


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03, 3.8, T-5. CAI, shorties, EGR delete, new-TPS, CPS, coil, wires, plugs, TB thoroughly cleaned, excellent OP, runs good, idles nicely. One problem. Idle hangs between shifts. VERY slow to come down. Throttle cable tightened. Throttle return springs very good. 2nd 3.8 5 speed...never had this issue...on ANYTHING. Been working hot rods for 50 yrs. Anyone have ANY thoughts on this issue??? Any help appreciated. TY


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The IAC valve on these 3.8's normal slowly fall back to idle. Yes annoying... Only way to change it is to get an ECM tuner. However if it takes an abnormally long time to fall back to idle or hangs often around 2k rpm... might be another issue.

Mine would start randomly hanging at 2k rpm. I discovered resetting the ecu (pull battery) would allow it to fall to idle normally for about a month's worth of daily driving. Then it would start hanging again. I reset my ECU once a month for a few years... Randomly one day I was wondering about the TPS. It had been replaced with an aftermarket one from autozone like 2 years before the idle started acting up.. I bought a new one straight from ford, installed it, reset the ecu.... and that was nearly 8 years ago and haven't had a hanging idle issue since :thumbup:


Search this forum, I had to make a baffle for my iac.....I have a kn fipk cold air and have found by making a cover over the top it helped my high idle when coasting above 20 mph....