w00t! Gears, T-Lok, Tri-Ax !!!!


Junior; you're gonna have to tell me what "w00t!" means....it just sounded like the right thing to say.:D

Anyway, for my birthday my wife is buying me T-lok, 3.73 gears, and a steeda tri-ax. Then she's getting them installed for me, for when I get back to the states.

I'm pretty excited...but I was wondering about the 3.73s...it occurred to me just now that my speedo will be off if I put in new gears.....

...so my stock gears are 3.27s, how much will my speedo be off with the new gears. And is the only way to reset the speedo to buy a chip? (like fordchip).....

Thanks guys....I appreciate it....



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congrats and happy birthday. Yeh, u'll need a chip in order to correct the speedometer readings. Also, get a t loc if possible so you can install it at the same time with the gears.