weight reduction for 2011-2014


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Replace your heavy factory wheels with nicer looking and lighter aluminum wheels.

The stock Mustang GT axle back exhaust is very heavy and many of the aftermarket
axle back exhaust systems are much lighter.

The stock driveshaft in all 2011-2014 Mustang GT is heavy weighing in at about 40
pounds. One piece aluminum, 20 pounds.

Steeda makes the light weight Rad brackets, another 10lb reduction. Then an
aluminum radiator for another 10lb redutcion.

The rear seat delete kit is available from places like American Muscle and will drop
about 30-40 pounds of unwanted weight.

Here is something no one takes in to consideration: Gasoline weighs 7 pounds per gallon,
so by just running a half tank of gas versus a full tank of gas, thus you are 56 pounds
lighter: 16 gallon tank for 8 gallons at half, thus the other 8gal x 7lbs = 56lbs reduction.

People also forget the +30lbs of spare tire and spare tire kit weight just sitting in the trunk.
Trunk carpet & board is 5.5 lbs
Floormats, 5 lbs

Front swaybar & mounts = 16lbs

Expensive weight drops:
Replacing your stock battery with a light weight racing battery is 10-20 more pounds of weight
loss, depending on which battery you buy. Stock battery is 36lbs, and the Dynabatt is 13lbs.
Or, a battery relocated to the rear pass side of the car offsets 60lbs in the correct direction.

Aluminum flywheel (manuals).

IRS is 85 lbs heavier than live axle.

Lighter weight rotors, calipers, and other suspension components, all weight reduction mods,
but the costs are high for them. You may be able to shed 25 lbs with higher cost alloy
suspension components. Lighter LCAs, and so on...

Factory K-member & A-arms are 130 lbs heavier than AJE K-member & coil-overs.
Factory brakes are 30 lbs heavier than Aerospace brakes.
Stock hood is 46 lbs, Kaenen hood is 18.5 lbs.

Tubular front bumper and rear bumper supports, don't have the specs on those...

So, plenty of options...


blue devil
my 12 weight is 3390 with out me at a 1/4 tank. I have lightweight rad brackets from taosperformance.com and front sway bar delete. plus rear seat delete and some of the rear suspension parts are lighter