Well, I had an interesting weekend!!


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I took Tuesday off so I would have a 4 day weekend, and it turned out to be a bust. Last Tuesday, my son was running a 102.6 temperature and we took him to the doctor on Wed. We found out that he has a double ear infection. Well, on Thursday, he started throwing up and having really bad shits, so we took him back to the doctor. We then found out that he had a stomach virus on top of the ear infection. So, this weekend , I change some diapers that the gov't might call "toxic waste". Just a heads up to all future dads to go ahead and get full riot gear for when your young child has his/her first stomach virus.

Cliff Notes: Took long weekend, son got sick, and changed some radioactive diapers!!! Yikes!!!!!! :crazy:


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white232 said:
that sucks

kid getting better?

what color was it 8P
Yes, he is much better now. He still has a slight ear infection in his right ear, but the virus is gone. Thanks for asking. It is so tough to watch your child not feel well. :(


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some people plan to have kids, moron.
Of course they do, right from the moment the rubber breaks! :lol:

Yeah, kids are great, ya hate to see them sick though.

Hope your son gets over it fast.


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i missed Dennis.

hes fun to rag on and i've been gone for over a week. i figure i own him a few cheap shots.lol