What a bunch of losers. The whole lot of ya!


Best Of The Best
You need at LEAST 5 more bats.

Which one is he again? Not that gay guy with the K0rn fetish and dreadlocks, right?
nah he's the video game nerd that is butt buddies with that Jeff (cj's bitch) dude. i think linkin park was his band.


Best Of The Best
Holy ****, that's awful. You did the right thing.

Derek Syndrome
A disorder given at birth. Derek Syndrome is a disorder of the genitals that leads to an extremely undersized *****. Symptoms of this disorder may be increased with heavy consumption of alcohol. People with this disorder are likely to turn homosexual. People with this disorder are also likely to be overly aggressive towards because of their childlike *****.

Ashley: That guy Derek I slept with last night was horrible. It was like having sex with a field mouse.

Levi: Yeh I think that he has Derek Syndrome. That's why we call him "Needle dick."
god damnit.