What a bunch of losers. The whole lot of ya!


the rippin and the tearin
Nothing to keep in check. It's ridiculously boring and there's no diversity.
It does seem rather slow these days. What have you been up to?

Butters retired from politics after the catnip scandal.

How are you doing? Still impressing the ladies with your badass wrist tattoo? :D
I'm doing well. My wife doesn't like the attention it brings but what can I say, bitches love wrist tattoos :uhh:.

Great. Little girl is 2.5. Built a pool last summer and a detached garage this summer so had projects for a while. Ready to just enjoy it now.

What's new down there?
Awesome! My son is a little over 2 years old and a ball of energy. I get home from work and I chase him around the house for an hour. We were at the park the other weekend and since he was running around, we asked if he wanted to go on the track. He ran a 100. Which turned into a 200. Which we did again and then ran around the entire thing. Little guy ran a half mile! We kept asking him if he wanted to stop but he kept going until we forced him to stop (he wanted to run on the football field and play catch with 2 strangers who weren't paying attention, so we went back to the playground).

Other than that, I've just been in maintenance mode around the house. By the way, thanks again for the info on the a/c unit.

Doing ok, my son is four now and getting a little big to be flying across the room at me.
That's awesome! I totally know the feeling. And man, time sure flies now (once you have a kid, I swear it speeds up).