What Did You Do To Your 'Stang Today ?


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pulled the 7.5 out today

Was surprisingly insanely easy to do. Did not run into any snags, no rusted bolts or troublesome bushings etc. The 8.8 would of gone in today however the damn shop gave me call telling me it wouldnt be done till tomorrow (even though i dropped it off yesterday evening and they claimed they were gona start working on it first thing in the morning today, they didnt start till 2pm today in fact)


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installed the 8.8 by myself, went fairly easily. And what a diffrence the new 8.8 with an Auburn Pro Series LSD, FRPP 4.10s, and Alloy USA 31 spline axles is :)


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^ Awesome, Happy fathers day to all fathers. My wife bought me an under armor hat, which is badass
My car has been misfiring, cylinder 6 was crapping out. Replaced SP didn't do anything.... Coil pack took a ****, picked up a replacement and holy ****, what a night and day difference! PICK up is amazing and smooth.
Shitty coil pack,

Dat fogs, :drool


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I installed some rear Lower Control Arms on my lunch hour at work. I have the uppers to, but just didn't have time to install them today. I'll do those this weekend.


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Found a nice little dimple up on the right rear quarter panel when I brought it home from the dealer.[emoji20]