What MAF are you running?

I read an old magazine article where a 99 3.8 picked up over 15hp when using a Pro M Univers. Just wondering what everyone on this board is running. I'm guessing most people are using stockers or Lightning MAFs.


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I don't see how you could gain any hp from a different maf isn't it just a sensor? Yeah a bigger diameter housing or whatever if you have a bigger intake tube but, a MAF alone? Eh, I don't think so, but I could be totally wrong, someone here will know a 100% answer

-edit- mines stock though, to answer your question :p
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Gains by maf is more applicable to older mustangs imho.

I use the SCT Ba5000 in a Custer CAI for my m112 setup

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Am using an HPX slot style MAF and flange welded into a 3" tube. VMP tuning sells them. Been using that setup since about 2007 without issues.
The magazine guesses that the gains come from less "induction turbulence" from the rubber hosing, paper air filter, and the protruding sensor in the stock MAF. I still find the numbers hard to believe, but that's a lot of horses to ignore. I think I might have to go with a slot style MAF upgrade. Probably a Pro-M or SCT unit.


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LMAF sensor in a 95mm housing will be going on mine with the blower, as for now stock maf barely supports the N/A setup


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Stock maf with mafia I got it up to over 400rwhp. maf counts at 912-930 so still had room to grow on setting #3. I'm now running a hpx blow through slot maf and 500rwhp I'm at 830-840 counts. With a good tune maf counts will go to 1020?? iirc.