What songs get you hyped???


Omaha Stylee
what songs out there (old or new) get you pumped and hyped up? List your favorites no matter if its rock, rap or whatever.....LIST 'EM!!!!


Per varios casus
Hoobastank - Out of Control
311 - Freak Out
Linkin Park - Figure.09
Jimmy Eat World - Sweetness
Incubus - Vitamin


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I always thought "A Place For My Head" by Linkin Park was pretty cool. Only the beginning though

A big one for me. Civil War by Guns N Roses. I looove the beginning.


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hmmm....I'm in martial arts so I listen to a lot of songs to hype me up before I go to a tournament

Mortal Kombat the movie theme song
Linkin' Park - just about any of 'em
Strangely enough the Gladiator motion picture main song...the one with the woman singing in Italian. Don't know why but it gets to me.
Tom Petty's Free Fallin'
Cotton-eye Joe of course
Funk Soul Brother
And there are a few others but I can't think of 'em.


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I have lots... but off the top of my head I'd have to say either "The Glass Prison" by Dream Theater or "Stoned and Drunk" by Black Label Society.


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Jay-Z-Song Cry, so soulful

Dre, Xzibit, Em- What's the Difference? "If you ever kill that Kim *****, I'll show you where you where the ocean is" -Dre :lol:

Akon- Locked Up remix wit Styles P, I don't wana live here, the walls is gray the clothes is orange, The phones is broke, the food is garbage, A lot a niggas is livin with these circumstances, Sp's the same i still murk ya manz'z


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system of a down and wu tang clan--shame on a ni**a
spineshank--new disease
slipknot--wait and bleed
foo fighters-- darling niki and hero
ROLLING STONES-- paint it black
Smile Empty Soul - bottom of a bottle
Thrice - stare at the sun, the artist in the ambulance, the melting point of wax, all that's left
Slipknot - before i forget, the blister exists, duality, three nil, i am hated, me inside
The Used - box full of sharp objects, bulimic, the taste of ink
Drowning Pool - step up, killing me
Disturbed - prayer, awaken, rise

I could on forever - I love my music.


I made a GT once...
"Sweet Emotion" ~ Aerosmith

"Down"~ 311

"24's remix" ~ T.I.

"Game got switched" ~ Ludacris

"Head like a hole" ~Nine Inch Nails (the lyrics & vocals suck azz, but the music is killer)

"Stayin' Alive" ~ The Beegees

"Navaras" ~ the matrix revolutions soundtrack


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Metallica : Disposable heroes, fight fire with fire, whiplash, damage Inc. of wolf and man, fuel , blackened,through the never, etc...

Megadeth : last rights(loved to death), high speed dirt. skin o' my teeth.

Motorhead: Ace of spades.

there's more I just can't think of em' at the moment. :cry:


Punches Babies
death by stereo- beyond the blinders

from autumn to ashes- the after dinner payback

not really being creative with that they're just on the cd i happen to be listening to right now