What stereo?


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New here.

I just bought a 2000 v-6 convertible, it has Mach speakers mounted up on the doors and what appears to be two speakers on each side of the rear panels, there is a cassette player with a separate CD player below it.
Can anyone tell me what system I have? I want to make sure I get the correct wiring so if there are factory amps I can retain them as I just want to replace the head unit so I can have hands free phone and use a thumb drive.

Thanks in advance.


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Yeah, that picture you provided sure helps, so we don't GUESS...

Oh wait...

My apologies Mr. Snarky I am an older individual with little experience in forum savvy and neglected to include a photo, I figured some Mustang guru would come forward and give me an informed suggestion as to what I have not a childish drool laden response.
Do you treat all strangers the same way? have few friends?

Also upon closer inspection it shows Mach 460 in smaller lettering on the speakers that I just did not see.


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All you would have gotten was guesses, so, whatever. Turns out, you decided to
so some homework, and saw it was a Mach-460, so, you answered your own
question without getting the wrong information from other people guessing.

Also, strangers and Friends, not the same... I also tend to avoid those who seem, well,
unable... So, no, I do not have many friends, because just about everyone I meet
turns out to be, well, an idiot. I am judgemental, opinionated, and sometimes outright
arrogant; was trained to be, AND I don't care.

All my friends are educated, and have good deductive reasoning skills. It only took
you, what, a day to figure it out? Not bad...

Drool laden response? You do see how impossible that is, seeing text on the
screen as dripping with saliva...


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The Mach 460 amps are under the rear deck speakers in the trunk. It should wire up the same with a wireing harness. I am not 100% sure.