What year needs the A/C drip shield


I've heard a lot about the passenger side exhaust manifold cracking due to AC condensation dripping onto it. My internet research has pointed to the 1999 to 2004 models, and I understand Ford actually did a recall and created a "drip shield" part to be installed (link here). Is this correct, and the 1994 to 1998 models do NOT have this issue? I have a low mileage 1998 convertible, and I'd like to head off a problem... if there is a problem to be addressed.


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Go to an auto parts store and find a black hose with a 90 degree bend. Any one will due. Then, install it on the drain tube with a hose clamp after cutting it to fit. Trim the drip end with an angle cut, then rotate the installed drain tube to where the drip will not hit the exhaust pipe.


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there's like a hole that the condensation comes out of but there is nothing that protrudes out of the hole. nothing to grip anything with. I thought of trying to put a small hose or like a vacuum connector fitting type of thing in it so I could put a hose on it.
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