Whats your cardomain page?


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Goldfinger said:

fresh winter wheels! :lol: :p


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Goldfinger said:
black_97mustang said:
Goldfinger said:

fresh winter wheels! :lol: :p http://memimage.cardomain.net/member_images/1/web/733000-733999/733662_8_full.jpg[/ig][/quote]

I know, I know.......they're fugly but they served the purpose. And besides, I already had them, the tires were only a year old and they bolted up after I had the center hole bored out a little bigger. Hopefully next winter I won't need to use them. Hopefully I'll have a winter beater.[/quote]

Yea, I have the original wheels and my bullits.... but we both live in the same climate.... sucks doesnt it? (me = snow belt, you = not snow belt)