Where'd he go?


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I'm going with Domingo. He def hated jester and Leon. All the other ex members I think it could be didn't beef with those guys.
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Jester gave me an infraction once, and I messaged him about it cause it said for arguing. I was like what or who was I arguing with, I think you maybe have me confused. He later messaged back and said he did have me confused but it was no big deal since I never had infractions before. Dick never removed it.


Best Of The Best
Leon gave me an infraction for "drunk posting."
My keyboard was messed up from spilling a soda on part of it.
I told him that, but he said he would let me off the next time.
He never interacted me again.
Bur Jester was a real creep.
I put "3.8 High Performance" emblems on my car, and he spent the whole weekend flaming about it.
Called it "Mis-badging" my car.
He liked to sic people on each other and start long flame wars.
Klotz. Confirmed. Welcome back dude :lol: