who wants to be in mm&ff?


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N/A and Nitrous Guys post pics and mods lists if you have an impresive v6 suitable for a mag article. Thanks

And please dont post without pics. Engine, Interior, and Exterior would be nice


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I need names asap. Also... need to be northeast area or willing to travel to new jersey


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Originally posted by MilleniumMustang
John Zollner... Best looking and Sounding V6 Mustang.... in Erie County....

come on... i want my name listed :)

ive got all kinds of pics also..

C'mon guys I said post pics and mods lists..........


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Originally posted by Cobra_Slayer

Seriously... Would you book a room and travel to new jersey for this?

I might be... be more specific on what it's going to be... like when/how long/etc etc


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Originally posted by MilleniumMustang
geez pick the guy with the body kit.. . geez..


oh well kev.. you may have me with the looks and the post count.. but i got you on the sound :)

i'm glad you admit johnathan :D

is this a one person thing or what??


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Originally posted by Cobra_Slayer
it is not a one person thing

well give me more details of what it's going to be and how long and when and i'll give you a more or less definite answer


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i have here some pics and a mod list....

-black 35th anniversary hood scoop
-black hood stripe
-black 35th anniversary side scoops
-35th anniversary honeycomb tail panel
-GT fog lights
-custom dual exhaust w/98" flowmaster
cat-back system
-rear bumper custom "blacked out"
-MAC cold air induction
-2000 17" GT wheels
-MUSTANGWORLD letter kit in rear bumper
-MUSTANGWORLD horse inserts on rims
-UPR Products window and lock button
-UPR Products cruise control button kit


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ive said it before and ill say it again- Millenium, you have the nicest stang on the board and is what I want to get mine to live up.

He has the right idea- get a V6, dont put your money into speed and performance. Put it into looks. Don't put money into ricey stuff such as Black Widow body kits, calling your car a Roush/Saleen/GT/Cobra, altezzas, etc.

No matter what we do to our cars (just short of dropping a v8 in) with all the money and keeping it sorta street legal, we wont get it to keep up with stock Z06's, 2003 Cobras, Roush 360R's, modded GT's, etc. I decided ever since i noticed the lowest times for V6's are usually high 13's, putting a crapload of money into the engine is not worth the hassle or the money. Use that same money to make your car look nicer (not for tricking people its faster w/ "piMP grounD effects" and huge ass wings or anything else to deceive people into thinking its fast).

I'm not trying to tell everyone to do what Millenium is doing, cuz its your own opinion, and I have my own opinion. I'm gunna tend to keep my car strictly to bolt ons pretty much and not get too far into performance mods.

But hey, its a mustang message board- good thing bout our cars is we can take alternate routes without surrendering the other too much. Taking performance route, your not gunna lack nice looks, you have a mustang! heh it looks fine stock. Taking the looks/sound route, your note gunna lack nice performance either. We have plenty of power to smoke little ricers with fart cannons and bookshelves.

But yea- back to my point after being sidetracked once again- millenium, i love your car.

now, if only i can get a job to get started on my way towards milleniums car...