Who's at work?

Sorry to bring this thread back up but something funny just happened.

This woman starts working today and just got here..

So she goes to a desk and sits down.. Than she starts emptying the drawers and throwing everything in the garbage...

I'm looking at her like "wtf is she doing someone else sits there" but i dont care and I let her continue...

So she leaves to go have a meeting with the boss..

and the other employee who sits there shows up..

looks around and starts freaking out.. "Where is all of my stuff?!@ why is all of my stuff in the garbage?"

I'm like.. "oh U sit there still? I saw some woman opening and emptying the drawers I figured they moved you or something"

Well the woman decided she had the authority to just pick any desk she wanted and emptied it out without checking with anyone first...

who the **** does that?

you should have told them they were fired and acted like you were scared that they were back with a gun to shoot up the place


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i am back yet again, and my night class starts tonight, so twice a week i leave for work at 8 am and wont get home until about 11 at night:(

on a good note we are going out to lunch at the cheesecake factory for one of the peoples birthdays, hopefully my manager will put it on his corporate card as a business expense:lol:

Cheesecake Factory FTW

The guys always take me to the same Cajun restaurant where the owner always insists on me doing a table dance:lol: