Wild Party Girls


Crash and Burn
lol i love this Wild Party Girls (GGW ripoff) infomercial thats on comedy central right now for there "sorority schoolgirls" video. They talk about the "sorority"(alpha alpha pi) they are all in.. and how all this footage was supposed to be locked up in the sorority vault never to be seen again lol... And "do you ever wonder what REALLY goes on in those sorority houses with all those coeds....." Then they brag about there sorority and how cool it is and that its just a normal sorority and everybody wants to be in it... and all the girls say why they want to be in alpha alpha pi and theyre willing to do anything to get in... TOO BAD ALPHA ALPHA PI ISNT EVEN A REAL SORORITY!!! :lol: its made the **** up... I cant believe this **** haha....


Woman Pleaser
If it was a real sorority, they'd probably get sued. Just let all the lonely guys here think it's real to make them happy.