Windstar Engine Parts Interchange Questions


I have a '97 Mustang 3.8L plus some 2000 Mustang 3.8 parts, including the latter's split port cylinder heads. I'm planning on doing the spit port/Windstar intake upgrade in the future. I've been quietly looking for the '96-'98 Windstar intake setup to complete my needed parts inventory for the upgrade.

Now comes my problem. There's a '98 Windstar 3.8L available to me for not much more than what I'd pay for the intake setup by itself. So, I was thinking that if I could use the Windstar engine as a replacement for my '97 rear wheel drive engine, I could start the build-up on the '98 Windstar and then swap in the complete engine later when I'm finished. I know some front wheel drive (FWD) engines rotate opposite to their rear wheel drive (RWD) counterparts. So here are my questions:

1) Does the FWD Windstar engine rotate in the same direction as my RWD Mustang 3.8?

2) My '97 is a T5 manual. The Windstar engine is an automatic. Will my '97 flywheel and clutch bolt up to the '98 Windstar automatic crankshaft?

3) Will my existing bell housing mate up to the Windstar block?

4) Does anyone know if the motor mounts for the Windstar are compatible with the RWD mount locations?

Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks in advance,



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Its not the same engine. The FWD Windstar engine is make to work with a transaxle, not a T5 for a RWD engine.

The cylinder heads, valvetrain and intake set-up may work, but the block itself is not correct for a Mustang.

Phil II

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I'd consider buying the windstar motor, pull the top end off, and sell the short or long block. Aggressive advertising may put you even with that first investment.


Yeah, i though there might be a big wrinkle in the plan. Worth asking, though.

@Phill II
I think you're right, Phil. I'm going to talk with the guy again. If I can get him down $50 it will be just about what I'd expect to pay for the Windstar manifolds & throttle body, so zero risk except for the trouble of selling the short block.

Thanks gents!