Windstar Intake Swap Kit


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This is one of the last few VAP auto made kits floating around and is nearly complete.

I have -
Windstar manifold, modified to run the remote IAC to fit under the hood
Angled throttle body spacer
VAP auto modified 65mm throttle body - extended throttle cable arm for better pedal geometry, is setup for 01-04 throttle cable
Remote mount IAC bracket
Intake pipe and various clamps
A few couplers
spectre Air Filter and MAF tube (if you want them)
Cut EGR tube if you want it

The only thing you will need is the coil pack mounting bracket (I kept mine) and some various vacuum lines. And an EGR mount bracket if you want to keep that.

Looking for $250 obo, buyer pays shipping. These were nearly $400 when he still made them.

Please PM me as I don't check the site often - I get emails for PM's though.