Windstar Manifold How To: (Vortech Pics Page 5!)


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I'm actually waiting on another lower intake right now, as the first one was welded by a shop and one side flange was warped. As soon as I get the other intake in, I can port and polish it, epoxy the EGR and IMRC holes, bolt it on and finish tuning the car. I won't be able to give a good comparison as I am going from a stock 3.8L with the vortech to the fully built 4.3L

Here's a quick pic of the motor together.


I'm not one to do writeups, but I'll add to this one if it's ok.
The 99+ Windstar requires the 99+ Windstar lower as well. The lower is actually a little longer than the mustang one and requires a little trimming up front, otherwise it will hit the timing cover. The coolant hoses, throttle cable bracket, IAC, coil bracket, and some vaccuum hoses need reworking in order to make it work.
dayum, thats a clean engine.


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hey can you post some pictures from the side of the fenders to see how much the intake really sticks up??? (I want to see if every thing will clear the fenders but the IAC.


Looks good. I'll add it to the forum announcement. ;)

I'm not going to close it, just in case you guys have anything else to add. Additionally, please make sure any photos added are uploaded to this site so we don't lose them if you change your image host.


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Any updates? I'm wondering if the 99+ windstar combo will work with the 03-04 cobra hood.
you know i wanna say it does, pete the guy who tunes my car and posts on here occasionally has a cobra hood i know, and im 90% sure he has a windstar intake as well


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the 03-04 cobra hood only has about 1" of extra clearance so ?????? I am still waiting for the rain and humidity to end!!!!!! I finished the nitrous set up and here are pictures!





how are you adding fuel with the dry kit?

also if you could take some profile shots with the hood open so i can see how much of the intake is actually going to be a clearance problem, i'd really appreciate it.


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Would the windstar lower with the EGR valve work with our car ? I have an upper on the way, and am TRYING to keep the car emissions legal. Ive looked at the pics, and dont think its possible for the stang EGR to be retained... but the one on the windstar is a different setup..


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I had my VMP tuner set for dry system at 90hp and I add 10% at WOT since that's how I activate it VIA the NX TPS voltage switch. Also I finally painted and cleared the hood so next after I finish the bumper I will take better pictures of the car after it'd detailed.