WTF kind of name is this?


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High school is going to be a ***** for that poor kid. I feel bad for him, but I smile knowing that I dont have that name.:thumbup:


funniest **** him grow up and be a complete *****

makes you wonder what kind of mother woul let her child be named your hines kendall icy eight special K

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ok...the first two parts of the name are weird but whatever. But Icy Eight Special K? Are the parents hoping he grows up to be a rapper or something?:wtf:


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Dude, if my last name was Head, I'd so call my kid Richard, and I'm dead serious about that!:thumbup:


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Gah, poor thing...

Then again look at the movie stars and what they name their kids (Apple, SpaceRider, Maddox, Lourdes ect). Maybe it's some kind of weird name fad going on... :wtf:


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wow ****ing idiot parents. That reminds me of this adminstrator at my old HS who's name was Beverly Hill and she, supposedly, was never married. ****ing idiot parents.